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Surge Alloys Pvt Ltd is a group company of Standard Alloys India Pvt. Ltd., located in Ajaymeru RICCO Industrial Area, Palra, Ajmer, Rajasthan having area of about 8000 square meters, equipped with all facilities desired for a Modern Foundry. Whether it is precision item of 10kg or a heavy engineering casting weighing 2800 kg, we offer all under one roof.

With our quality management systems, all the processes like Moulding, Melting & Heat Treatment are closely monitored. The casting in each and every heat is poured only after SPECTRO TEST ensuring chemical composition as per metallurgical specification.The auto controlled heat treatment furnaces ensures desired metallurgical properties and the dimensional inspectior is invariably done by jigs & fixtures to ensure proper assembly at site.

Belief and Purpose

All business goals can be achieved in sustainable manner leading to inclusive growth.


Help our customers to accelerate on their path to success.


To be the most trusted partner and act as catalyst to bring surge in the growth and success of our customers and in turn for ourselves and all stakeholders.

Surge Alloys is driven by strong leadership, passionate skilled workforce and technological excellence. We are committed to continue our journey of growth, taking on new challenges and going beyond these, unswerving from our search for excellence and growth, at home and overseas. We invite you to join us in our journey and together, strive to grow beyond boundaries



at any stage of manufacturing process.

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