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We have state of the art manufacturing facility equipped with quality and process control features like Spectrometer,Microstructure analysis, Auto controlled heat treatment furnace, No bake sand system, etc. along with in house machining facility which delivers application specific superior quality steel casting and fabricated spares.

3000 Kgs capacity Electrotherm make with efficient melt manager

Induction Furnace

8 Tons capacity having Auto Control and six point temperature recording graph with water quenching arrangement

Heat Treatment Furnace

Complete Equipped Laboratory with Spectrometer, Microscope, physical and sand testing equipment's


Chemical bonded sand system complete with continuous mixer : 20 tons per hour with PLC control systems

Continuous Mixer

Sand Reclamation unit with knockout, Belt conveyer, Elevator and dust collection system

Sand Reclamation

VTL Machines, Lathe Machines & Drills

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